• Are You Addicted To Gambling?


    Most people know the answer to this question. You don't have to think twice. You know the truth but are you willing to face it? Facing this addiction means letting out all the demons stored inside you for so long. As each of the demons leave, you begin to feel peace, well being and a feeling of completion. There will be no more plotting and scheming to find ways to feed your addiction.

    People do come to the realization that they are addicted to gambling. Some people are ready to get help, some refuse, others don't know what to do, where to go or who to trust. A small percentage of these people will seek help. They are the lucky ones. The others However, will continue to live in a fantasy world.

    The fantasy world takes the addicted individual out of pain, loneliness and reality. As each day passes they lose more money and try and believe next time they will have that big win. Unfortunately it never comes.

    Only you have the ability to decide if you have an addiction.

    There is no humiliation in facing up to the fact that you have a problem! What is important is that you decided to do something about it.

    A majority of gamblers have experienced one or more of the following:

    Having a hard time sleeping

    Having a hard time focusing

    Unable to get gambling off your mind

    Didn't tell people where you were going

    Kept your gambling a secret from loved ones

    Feeling good so you wanted to gamble

    Feeling bad so you wanted to gamble

    Time stands still until you gamble again

    There are so many other ways to determine if you have a gambling problem, but I believe you already know!

    Howard Keith


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